New Computers

As well as fixing them, I build bespoke computers. Each one is designed to suit your needs and, of course, has a full one year warranty. If there is a problem with a new machine, I come to you and sort it out. If there's a problem that can't be fixed on-site or within 24 hours there is usually a loan machine available, if needed. I look after my customers!

Why buy a bespoke computer?

There is nothing wrong with the computers you can buy in the shops however, they are generic machines and, if you have a special use then a bespoke machine may well be better value. This is particularly true for gaming computers and those doing serious graphics work. As I will ONLY use good quality components specifically selected to do your job, it'll be worth the money. I also design them to perform well into the future. You're investing a lot of money, you should get value for that money.

Bespoke computers tend to be expensive at first glance. The price difference between a generic machine and a computer designed to meet your specific needs can be deceptive! To give you some idea of what I mean, consider a machine with 8GB or memory in it. What type of memory is it? DDR2? DDR3? DDR4? And at what speed? It could be anything between PC5300 and PC21300 with, as you can imagine, a vast difference in performance!

All quotes are valid for thirty days from the date on the quotation.